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Chainsaw Carvings
How to Order.....
o order a chainsaw carving, either look at the samples below and pick out the size and style carving you would like, or describe in an e-mail what you would like. You can even send a photo, or sketch of a design, style or animal you like to: pirone@windstream.net ( note: all carvings are custom hand carved, so no two are alike. I  will get as close as I  can to the style you like.)

Bears and Bulldogs - chainsaw carved  from pine. Black bears are painted with black outdoor paint. Brown bears are burned, stained and coated with spar urethane. Bulldogs are either painted with
white outdoor paint, or burned and stained then coated with spar urethane.

Turtles and Frogs - chainsaw carved from either pine or red cedar. They are coated with 3 coats of spar urethane. 

Prices do not include shipping. If you are in the local area, we can deliver free. Otherwise, we can ship either U.S. postal or UPS. We will quote you a shipping price based on the size and weight of the carving.

Black Bears:
#BB1. Large Black Bear - 36" tall - $150
#BB2. Small Black Bear - 20" tall - $125

 White bulldog - (select mouth open or closed)
#BD5. 20" - $150

Turtles and Frogs 

To Order -  E-mail the style # and size to: pirone@windstream.net
or call  706-864-3117

#T10. Cedar - $85
#T11. Pine - $75

#F12. Cedar- $85
#F13. Pine  - $75 

Small brown bear
20" - $125


 #BRB4. Large brown bear
36" - $150
(welcome signs may vary
in design, style & color)




#BD7. Brown large
bulldog head
12" tall - $85

#BD8. Brown small
bulldog - 20" - $125

I also carve tikis, owls, pelicans and lots more.
Email for a price.